We are also offering various baked goods which come out of the wood-fired oven and are prepared in the old traditional way. The most recognizable baked dish we prepare is bread with greaves or »prosjača« which is bread with cut dried greaves mixed into the dough. There are three types of »prosjača« we offer: greaves, cheese and pumpkin prosjača.

You can always smell fresh bread in our home bakery. We bake white, half-white, whole wheat, black, corn, buckwheat, oat, spelt and rye bread with cumin. We also make various types of »potica«: walnut potica, walnut potica with raisins, potica with cottage cheese and raisins, tarragon potica, poppy potica, carob potica and the richest of all – »potratna« potica with cottage cheese and walnut filling.

You can also enjoy our handmade cookies, made from whole wheat, carob and spelt flour. We also make different varieties of pasta and »mlinci« (*Slovenian pasta tatters made from thin dried dough). In the time of the Slovenian carnival or »pust« (*7 weeks before Easter) we diversify our offer with homemade jam doughnuts.